Electricians Cost Calculator

Welcome to the Electricians Cost Calculator website. This site is to show you my fully developed flexible drag and drop form system that you can use on your own website to create any number or types of cost calculators. For example, a fuse board upgrade cost calculator, a rewire calculator, security and alarms cost calculator and so on. It can also send the results / form submissions to your email address and can even send the submission data to 3rd party applications like Mailchimp, Aweber or your favorite calendar by taking advantage of Zapier!

The advantage of having such a system on your website will give your customers a "real" online live quote for the price of a job they are looking for based on their requirements and your own prices. It also reduces the time it takes to get back to a customer with a price only for that price to be out of the budget for the customer.

Therefore, as the customer can see the price on screen, if they are comfortable with the price, they can continue to fill in their details and send their work request to you. This frees up your valuable time as you will only be following up on website referrals that meet your price point.

You can see some working examples HERE